Reimbursement Voucher

In order to best manage the resources that God has blessed our congregation with, the Stewardship Committee, with the approval of Session, has established a new reimbursement policy.

  • Expenditures of up to $20.00 accompanied by a receipt will be reimbursed with the approval from the Treasurer or Pastor.
  • Expenditures between $20.00 and $250.00 must be accompanied by a voucher* approved by the Treasurer or Pastor and authorized by one member of the Stewardship Committee.
  • Expenditures of over $250.00 must be accompanied a voucher* approved by the Treasurer or Pastor and authorized by Session.

*Receipts must be attached to the voucher prior to reimbursement that will be paid on Thursday each week.

Voucher Form (Word Doc)

Voucher Form (pdf)