Information on hosting events at our church

Do you want to host an event such as a wedding or memorial service in our church?

Here is information that will help you plan your event.

Our parking lot has 67 parking spaces, plus 2 handicapped parking spaces. There is also parking on Birch Street and Central Avenue next to the church. There is a covered drive through at the front entrance for dropping off guests.

Click here for a plan of our church showing facilities and seating capacities.

Multimedia Information
Our sound room has a multimedia PC that projects to two large screens at the front of the sanctuary, and a 65" monitor at the back of the sanctuary. Audio from the PC is routed into our sound system through our sound room mixing board.

If you want to just play audio or music over our sound system, please provide a CD, DVD, or USB drive. Please have the music on your provided media in the order you wish it to be played.

Streaming Audio 
Normally we only stream audio for church events. If you want audio from your event to be streamed on the Internet, please let the sound room technician know and he will turn on streaming. The URL for the stream is

Video and  Audio Recording
We record our worship service on video and audio, and we can record your event as well.

Our video is recorded as MP4 video with imbedded audio, with a video resolution of 1280x720 at 25fps. The camera is fixed, located in the loft at the right rear of the sanctuary, and pointed at the pulpit. Video files are approximately 340MB per hour of recording.

Our audio is recorded from the mixing board as MP3 audio, 256kbs. Audio files are approximately 100MB per hour of recording.

You may transfer recorded files from our sound room PC to your USB drive after your event, or we can upload the files to a Dropbox folder where they will be available for download for 30 days. If you want to download files, please give the sound room technician your email address so that we can email you the link to the Dropbox folder.

Rates for half day are 1-4 hours, full day is 5 or more hours

Fellowship Hall $50 half day, $80 full day

Fellowship Hall with kitchen/dishes/utensils $80 half day, $120 full day

Sanctuary $120 half day, $150 full day

Memorial parlor $40 half day, $60 full day

Basement rooms $40 half day, $60 full day

$25 deposit is due up front for securing the date

Community service group will be charged a fee at 50% the rates listed

If the custodian is required for moving furniture, setting up or taking down, or extra cleanup, an additional fee of $25 may apply

A damage deposit of $100 is required in addition to the rental fee when using the kitchen facilities

If you would like more information please call the church office at 509-826-1290, or email us at