Sunday Bulletin for May-27-2018

May 27, 2018


We want to give members the opportunity to pay their Per Asking fees of $43 per person. Please mark your checks or envelopes Per Asking.  

CPC is looking for a part-time nursery worker to fill in for Terri Cunningham. If you, or anyone you know is interested, please contact church staff.

Sign up for a Pick-a-Party event in the fellowship hall. Thanks for all your support to fund youth camp!  Parties run from May 13 through June 8.  Cost: $15 for adults, $5 for children, $35 max for a family. Please LABEL your donation with your name and party you will be attending.

Walk & Talk

For the next 4 weeks, join a group of ladies to "walk and talk", every Saturday at 8 AM, at Eastside Park. Starts May 12th. Fellowship & exercise together. Invite a friend!

CPC is looking for a part-time administrator fill in for Dave Bishop. If you, or anyone you know is interested, please contact church staff.

We will be collecting pick a party camp donations today after worship at the back table.

If you would like to be put on the Prayer Chain email list or Pastor’s Blog email list, please fill out a blue card with your email address.

There is a Session meeting today at Noon!

Regular Schedule of Events

Sunday School 9:00am
Worship Service, 10:00am
Sanctuary Service, 5:00pm
Apple Springs (2nd Sundays) 2:30pm
Manfisher Meal (3rd Sundays) 2:00pm

Men’s Bible Study, 12:00pm

Sunday School Remix, 2:00pm

Men’s Breakfast (2nd Saturdays) 6am

Upcoming Preaching Texts

June 3rd Acts 3: 1-10

June 10th Philemon 1-16

June 17th Philemon 17-15

June 24th Psalm 148

July 1st Psalm 149