Sunday Bulletin for May-13-2018

May 13, 2018


We want to give members the opportunity to pay their Per Asking fees of $43 per person. Please mark your checks or envelopes Per Asking.  

CPC is looking for a part-time nursery worker to fill in for Terri Cunningham. If you, or anyone you know is interested, please contact church staff.

Pick A Party:  CPC Youth Camp Fund Raiser

Volunteer your time and resources to host a party during May and June.  If you don’t want to host a party, sign up to attend one.  Watch the fellowship hall for sign ups!  All donations received will be used to offer an incredible camp experience to our youth! 

Sign up for a Pick-a-Party event in the fellowship hall. Thanks for all your support to help with fund raising for the Youth Camp!  Parties run from May 13 through June 8.  Cost:  $15 for adults, $5 for children, $35 max for a family.

Walk & Talk

For the next 4 weeks, join a group of ladies to "walk and talk", every Saturday at 8 AM, at Eastside Park. Starts May 12th. Fellowship & exercise together. Invite a friend!


Regular Schedule of Events

Sunday School 9:00am
Worship Service, 10:00am
Sanctuary Service, 5:00pm
Apple Springs (2nd Sundays) 2:30pm
Manfisher Meal (3rd Sundays) 2:00pm

Men’s Bible Study, 12:00pm

Sunday School Remix, 2:00pm

Men’s Breakfast (2nd Saturdays) 6am

Upcoming Preaching Texts

May 20th Acts 2: 42-47

May 27th Acts 3:1-10

June 3rd Philemon 1-16

June 10th Philemon 17-15

June 17th Psalm 148