Sunday Bulletin for April-22-2018

April 22, 2018


The new youth director position is ready for applicants. If you know of anyone who is qualified for the position, please contact the church.

For the month of April, we will be doing a diaper drive for Care Net. Please bring in size three diapers if possible, thank you!

CPC is looking for a part-time nursery attendant while Emily Gonzalez is on maternity leave. If you, or anyone you know is interested, please contact church staff.

All men are welcome to join the Men’s Bible Study on Mondays at noon, they will be reading from Judges!

Would you like to serve on the CPC Service Team? We meet every other month to discuss ways to share Christ’s love for us in our community. Please contact Dolores Edelman for more information at (509)429-8436

There are many dishes and containers in the kitchen that need to be claimed. All remaining dishes after the end of this month will be donated. Thank You!

The CPC Youth Steering Team is in need of members to help guide the youth program, minister youth, and plan fundraisers. If you would like to lead this team or be a part of it, please contact church staff.

We are in desperate need of a lead for the Personnel Team! If you would like to lead this team, please contact church staff.

Regular Schedule of Events

Sunday School 9:00am
Worship Service, 10:00am
Sanctuary Service, 5:00pm
Apple Springs (2nd Sundays) 2:30pm
Manfisher Meal (3rd Sundays) 2:00pm

Men’s Bible Study, 12:00pm

Sunday School Remix, 2:00pm

Men’s Breakfast (2nd Saturdays) 6am

Upcoming Preaching Texts

April 29th Psalm 147
May 6th Psalm 148
May 13th Psalm 149
May 20th Psalm 150
May 27th Philemon 1-16