Bill Heming



Bill Heming was born on October 24, 1977 and grew up in the greater Seattle area.  As a child he was quiet and excelled at St. Bernadette’s Catholic School.  He was active in the Roman Catholic Church even through his parents’ divorce, though he felt ostracized and eventually left the school to attend public school in the 6th grade.

During his junior year at Western Washington University he had experience with the Lord that radically altered his life.  Bill had been studying political science and economics, but when the Lord called him to faith, Bill knew that he would spend his life serving Him. In God’s providence, Bill was led to the First Presbyterian Church of Bellingham, Washington and to the INN University Ministries.

 “I remember meeting with the pastor and he handed me a copy of John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion,” Bill said.  “I took it back to my dorm room and I read it.  It seemed to me to say what I had believed the Scriptures said.  It was then that I really became a Presbyterian.”

Bill met his wife Tamara through the INN and the two were wed in2003.  Eighteen months later, they packed up and headed to Princeton Theological Seminary. Upon graduation in 2007, Bill accepted the call to serve as pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Merrill, OR.

In 2008, the Heming family welcomed their first daughter Marian Providence. Karen Grace, their second daughter, joined the family in 2011. 

Later in 2011 Bill accepted the call as pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Omak.  In 2013, the FPC Church transitioned out of the PC(USA) denomination into the EPC. This led them to take on the new name of Community Presbyterian Church.

In 2013, Bill and Tamara welcomed their third child, Sarah Joy.  As a family, the Hemings enjoy spending time together enjoying the various activities Omak has to offer.