The Life and Times- September-2016

September, 2016

I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us got the house of the Lord.”

 —Psalm 122:1 (ESV)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The purpose of Jesus mission, as he said in Luke 19:10, was stated as: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”  Jesus said that his primary mission was to find those who were lost in sin and bring them home in faith.  This led William Temple, who served in various capacities in the Church of England in the late 19th and early 20th Century, to quip, “The Church is the only society on earth that exists for the benefit of non-members.”  Too often in the Church, caught up in our own desires, expectations and preferences, we forget what the Church is for—the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the salvation of mankind.

We gather in worship on a weekly basis to remember our calling and purpose as the Church, to hear God’s Word read and proclaimed and to be sent once more on this search and rescue mission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Anything and everything in the Church is to be in service to the mission of proclaiming Christ to the lost of our community and our world. The call to surrender in faith, to connect with other believers and to serve all come through our faithful attention to the mission to proclaim Christ. Worship is the first thing we do every week (Sunday is the first day of the week, not the end of the weekend!) and it ought to be the most important part of our weekly schedule.  There is no substitute for gathering in worship with a local congregation (see Hebrews 10:19-25).

The question, then, is when to meet together.  The Session of CPC Omak has prayerfully chosen 10 a.m. as our time of morning worship, as is their duty according to our constitution (Book of Government 18-3A). For the last several years worship has fluctuated between a school-year and summer schedule that has made outreach challenging at times.  Just this summer I personally spoke with three couples who mixed up our time of worship on their first visit (and none of them have returned).  In addition, we have all witnessed (or even done it ourselves) people coming into worship at the wrong time. When this happens it distracts from worship and embarrasses everyone involved.

To remedy this situation, the Session considered the current schedule and chose a time between the existing worship times.  Some will now say that the time is too early and others that it is too late, but the Session rightly recognized that if we sought to make everyone happy we would never find a time agreeable to all.  The hope now is that the regular schedule of worship that will not change in the summer will allow better ease in inviting people to worship to hear the Word proclaimed as it leads us to surrender to Christ Jesus in faith, to connect with others as we grow and mature as disciples and to be encouraged to serve this community in the name of Jesus.

King David, in Psalm 122, considered worship to be a time of joy and whenever he was called to worship it was with gladness that he went.  Let us rejoice and be glad that we have the great privilege to worship God together and let us invite others to do the same for God’s glory!

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Pastor Bill


Proclaiming Christ:  Surrender, Connect, Serve

CPC Ministry Teams

Fellowship Team
We would like to report that the Church Picnic at Hidden Hills Country Inn was wonderful! Ron and Martha Thomas, with the help of T. and Phylicia Lewis, put on a fabulous picnic. They went all out with glass dishes, cloth napkins and great food. Thank you to Ron, Martha, T. and Phylicia!

Our first potluck of the year will be on Sunday, September 18th. The theme is “September Roundup” and we are encouraging everyone to come dressed in western wear. Hotdogs and homemade chili will be provided.

We have planned some wonderful events for this coming year. Be looking for them in the bulletin, newsletters and Deacon letters. You won’t want to miss out on what we have planned!

Our current team members are Randi DeHaan, Robin Colomb, Jim & Sandee Freese and Tom Pruitt. If you like to uplift Jesus and each other by providing opportunities of fellowship, come and join our team.


Youth Ministry Team
The High School and Middle School Youth will be doing the small group study, “Experiencing God” for the next 13 weeks on Sunday nights. Middle School will meet at the church at 6:30pm and the High School will meet at 7pm at the Werner’s home. The Middle School Youth will be kayaking at Duck Lake on September 10th with Kurt and Jenifer Fudge. The Youth will be attending the “Adam’s Road” concert at the First Baptist Church of Okanogan on September 13th. In mid-September we will be selling candles for Camp Chelan. These make great gifts! On October 18th we will host a Flag Football Game and Chili Dinner. A testimony will be shared at half-time.  We are in need of chili for this event. If you can help, please contact Becky Werner at 846-9621. Our Youth will be participating with “Trunk-or-Treat” on October 31st in our church parking lot.

Our current team members are Chris & Becky Werner, Jennifer Fudge and Tim Dailey. Pastor Bill Heming, Kathy Mintzer and Lyslea Mizer are working with the Middle School Youth on Sunday nights.


Worship Design Team 
We prayerfully plan and coordinate the Sunday morning services as well as other special church services during the year. We would like to encourage those with musical gifts to share them with the church through special music and/or the worship team. Please contact Don Pearce if interested.

Our current team members are Pastor Bill Heming, Don & Lyn Pearce, George Freeman and Janet Shacklett. We always welcome those who would like to join us in our efforts!


Small Group Coordination Team
Small groups begin September 11th and end the week of December 11th. We will be doing a 13-week study called “Experiencing God”. Contact a leader and join a group today!

Pastor Bill—Sundays at 6:30pm (middle school only)

Chris & Becky Werner—Sundays at 7:00pm (high school only)

Don & Lyn Pearce—Sundays at 6:00pm

Lyslea Mizer—Mondays at 3:30pm

Dave & Stephanie Lamb—Mondays at 6:30pm

Ron & Randi DeHaan—Wednesdays at 7:00pm

Bill & Maria Errico—Wednesdays at 7:00pm

Our current team members are Stephanie Lamb, Janet Shacklett and Will Kraske.

Nursery Notes
Greetings from the Nursery! In September our scripture focus will be, I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5. We will learn about how God helps us. We will talk about how we need God in our everyday lives.

In October our scripture will be, But overhearing what they said, Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue, Do not fear, only believe”” Mark 5:36. We will be dealing with fears and how to overcome it. Thank you parents for letting us spend time with your little ones!  Volunteers who would like to lend a helping hand are always welcome.

God Bless You,

Terri Cunningham & Emily Martin


Children’s Ministry Team
Hello Community Presbyterian Church!  Well we’ve made it through our summer schedule and are now starting up our new curriculum called “The Gospel Project”.  This is a chronological 3-year plan that will take the kids through the Bible with a focus on Christ.   As this is a new curriculum we are praying for an easy transition for the teachers and a great response from the children. 

Some areas where we are still looking for help (some of these are repeats):

  • CAT Teachers  Although we currently have just enough teachers to fill out the schedule, additional teachers would be a blessing and help reduce the workload of the current volunteers.
  • CAT Helpers  If you don’t think you’re prepared to teach a class but you’re willing to lend a helping hand we could definitely use helpers as we hope to schedule at least 2 adults per class.
  • Blue Angel drivers Do you want to serve children without having to teach?  Being a driver you’ll have a chance to get to know the children and their families that God brings to us each week. 
  • Anyone with gifts they wish to share  Do you enjoy cooking?  Do you like music?  Do you like crafts?  If there is a gift you feel God is calling you to share, please talk to us and we’ll try to find a way to get your gifts involved in teaching our children about Jesus.

In His Service,

John & Jennie Freese


Your CPC Church Leaders
                                                                                  Board of Deacons

Pastor Bill Heming (Moderator)                                           Bonnie Freese (Moderator)

Dave Bishop (Clerk of Session)                                           Maria Errico (Secretary)

Elder Fred Edelman                                                              Patty Helberg

Elder George Freeman                                                         Sandee Freese

Elder Kurt Fudge                                                                  Lyslea Mizer

Elder Jim Freese                                                                   Jennifer Fudge

Elder Dave Lamb                                                                  Martha Thomas

Elder Jim Wood


Administrative Committee                                                   Ministry Committee

Elder Kurt Fudge (Chair)                                                        Elder Dave Lamb (Chair)

Elder Jim Wood (Vice Chair)                                                  Elder Jim Freese (Vice Chair)

Leaders:                                                                                 Leaders

Finance Team—Tom Pruitt                                                    Children’s Ministry Team—John Freese

Building & Grounds—Barb Shackette                                   Small Group Team—Stephanie Lamb

Personnel Team—Dolores Edelman                                      Youth Ministry Team—Becky Werner

                                                                                                Service Team—Crystal Click

                                                                                               Worship Design Team—Don Pearce

                                                                                                Fellowship Team—Jim & Sandee Freese

Nominating Committee                                                                   

Elder Fred Edelman (Chair)                                                   CPC Office Staff

Jim Freese                                                                               Pastor Bill Heming (Head of Staff)

 Paul Freese                                                                             Dave Bishop (Administrator/Treasurer)

Ron DeHaan                                                                            Lyn Pearce (Secretary)

Dolores Edelman                                                                     Terri Cunningham (Nursery Coordinator)

Chris Werner                                                                            Emily Martin (Nursery Assistant)

Jennifer Fudge                                                                          Linda Asher (Custodian)